We are re-lauching our Original Pine bath in a new innovative powder form….No Mess… No Fuss… just rinse away

In 1994 we introduced to the market the pine bath for the Spa and Esthetics Industry and for 25 years developed the brand into many markets. After overwhelming demand from past clients we are re-introducing it back to the market. We will offer a 20gr powder pouch with our famous pine oil extracted from pine trees located in the Boreal Forest. Our scientific approach and new technology enables us to capture the highest humic acid content from our peat located in the Boreal forest, isolate it in a powder form rendering the most therapeutic and relaxing bath product on the market.

We are excited to launch this product very soon along with a universal powder form for masks, poultices and foot soak.

Golden Moor products are highly beneficial treatments used for a variety of health concerns aiding the elimination of highly damaging toxins and waste products from the body’s cell and organ function and the increased ability of the body to heal itself.


-Natural detoxification

-Aid in removal of heavy metals

-Increase circulation

-Reduce inflammation

-Enhance immune system

-Clean, simple and easy to use

-Not tested on animals