Marc Saint-Onge

Marc Saint-Onge has worked in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition and has been a well-renowned Orthotherapist for over 38 years. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit catapulted him towards creating numerous products from the mud he extracted from a local bog. He founded his first company, Golden Moor, in the ’90s, creating 89 different products and expanding in over 23 other countries. He then ventured in creating a Wellness school, 3 Orthotherapy clinics and a worldwide network marketing company. In addition, Marc has been a guest speaker at many worldwide health and wellness events. He is sought out by top leaders of wellness company in developing advance innovative products based on his knowledge of humic and fulvic acid. There is a reason why he is called the MUDMAN

Marc’s unwavering passion and tenacity to transform the world into a healthier place is what makes Humic and Fulvic so successful. In addition, his extensive business experience lends itself to his knack for surrounding himself with a top-notch team of inspiring individuals who share his vision for positively and profoundly impacting humanity His love for Mother Earth and what it brings to health transpires in his book. If you want a good read on how to be successful in business and learn about the benefits of Holistic health, his book is what you need. Blended with humour and great advice and science research you will enjoy the read.

Today, Marc has re-created the original Golden Moor pine bath for the 90’s with new technology and innovation and much easier to use. In a powder form it makes it convenient for home use and like he always mentioned back in the days….. Bring the spa concept in the privacy of your own home!!!!